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Our Adoption Center is located at the Jacksonville Kennel Club, 2600 5th Street West, Jacksonville, FL 32254

We do not have set open hours at our Adoption Center. However, We Will Schedule appointments for you to come and visit with us and our greyhounds. Appointments can be made seven days a week. You can contact us by email, or telephone to se up and appointment.

The adoption of one of our greyhounds can take 2-3 days or 2 weeks.
  1. Fill out an online application.
  2. When we receive your application we will review it and then contact you, to answer any questions you may have and talk to you about the adoption process. We will set up an appointment for you to come to our Adoption Center.
  3. When you come to the Adoption Center, we will show you all of the greyhounds available for adoption, tell you about their different personalities, and explain how to care for them and get them adjusted to your home.
  4. If you decide a greyhound is the right addition to your family, and you choose one that has already been spayed/neutered, then you will be able to take the greyhound home in a couple of days. If the greyhound you choose still needs to be spayed/neutered, then he/she will be ready to take home in about 2 weeks.
  5. When you take your greyhound home, we will give you all the information you will need, and contact numbers should you have any questions.


Greyhounds as Pets can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our Answering Service.
CALL (904) 389-2934

Looking for that special greyhound item, statue, jewelry, t-shirt, etc.? You will be able to find it at our Adoption booths at the Orange Park and  Jacksonville Kennel Clubs. Volunteers at the booths can answer questions you may have about adopting a greyhound. A greyhound is usually there for you to meet. Racers, greyhounds available for adoption and volunteer's greyhounds like to "hang out" at the booths.

The booth is open on Friday evening, Saturday matinee and evening and Sunday matinee at the Orange Park Kennel Club.

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