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Before the big day, you'll need to make a few preparations:
  • Purchase supplies such as food and water dishes, grooming brush, resting bed, identification tag, and play toys. A premier safety collar and leash may be purchased at our adoption center.
  • Our Adoption Center will advise you on the type of food, and treats you should purchase.
  • Prepare your house for your new family member by removing and fragile knickknacks, checking your fencing for holes or weak spots, and placing clips or locks on your gates. You'll also want to check the latches and locks on screen doors and mark large windows and sliding glass doors with a band of tape for easy visibility.
  • Clear your kitchen counter of any tempting treats and cover your waste container with a secure lid or place it inside a cabinet.
  • Select the sleeping place and arrange your greyhound's pillow, crate or blanket. Our usual suggestion is in the master bedroom with the door closed. Place his bed next to yours. This serves several purposes. If the greyhound needs to go out, you'll know. It reassures the greyhound, who after all, has never slept alone in his entire life. It also continues the plan of making good habits, not bad. If he had the run of the house, he could get into all kinds of trouble; sleeping in your room means you know what's going on.
  • Scout nearby parks for suitable completely fenced in areas to exercise your greyhound.
  • Discuss greyhound pet rules with all family members, particularly children, to ensure an easy transition period.
  • Review the background information about greyhounds and don't hesitate to contact  Greyhounds as Pets at 904-389-2934 if you have any questions.
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